Excerpts from sermons…


“Music is God’s food and truth His Attire”

SGJS000012Nothing is in comparison to ‘Naam’. Meditating on it is the ONLY prime duty of a Sikh.

We are called ‘Namdharis’, but do we really meditate on the ‘Naam’? It is true, we are unlike the other communities, we do Naam simran through-out the year at Sri Bhaini Sahib and the annual 40 day Jap Prayog is observed in western cities. This is only possible with the grace of Satguru ji and we pray that other human kind observe this and join us to do the simram. 

Do not think evil unto others, If you are akin to Guru Nanak then eternally desire well wishes for all 
sgjs_bw001Wake up early in the morning & actively take bath (sanekeshi) followed by Naam simran & recitation of Gurbani. All make whole hearted effort to devote most of the time to meditation (naam simran). While you perform your daily vocational activities such as business or profession, you should do naam simran. With Naam simran you will attain spiritual energy.
Take one step towards Satguru Ji and the Almighty will take many steps towards you. 
521692All Namdharis should work towards spreading the fragrance of teachings of His Holiness in the world so that we can attain salvation. It is very important that we all recite path of rehatnama by Satguru Ram Singh Ji and mould our lives as per the teachings written in the rahatnama.
The ARDAS is our direct link of communication with the Almighty Sri Satguru Ji.
SGJS000028 It is the prime duty of every Sikh to pray to the Almighty every morning and whenever embarking on any mission. A Sikh should wash his feet before going to bed and recite ‘Keertan Sohila’, ending with ‘Ardas’ so he dreams about Satguru Ji and not film actors. 
The one who performs selfless service (seva) without the thought of reward, shall attain his Lord and Master. 
SGJS000033 Were rushing after wealth all the time. The German Mark  is not a legal tender in England. And the Pound is not a legal in Russia. The Rubble is not legal tender in America. Similarly nothing else will be any relevance when we die. Only the ‘naam’ bestowed by the Satguru will be our true companion and savoir in the end. 
If you remove your faith from Sikhi, there is no Sikhi left. 
SGJS000042How much time in a day, we talk about Satsang? And how much time in a day, we devote for jealously & envy? We should calculate this, from morning till evening. When we will calculate, we will come to know. When you do agriculture, you calculate the ratio of the quantity of seeds sown and the harvest reaped. You calculate your indebtedness or profits earned. Thus, you come to know at the end of the year, as to what you are doing. In the same manner, you should also calculate, have you recited Japji Sahib and done your Nam Simran in whole day, from morning till evening or not. You should calculate this too. 
Let us try and walk the path that Satguru Ji has shown us and instill forgiveness and patience as virtues within ourselves…’ 
SGJS000017-001The sermon of Almighty Lord cannot be priced. These cannot be priced because these are the sermon of the Satguru who has not created anyone equivalent to him. When there is no one equivalent to him, how is it possible to have anything equivalent to his sermon? How can the price of a thing be determined for which there is no comparison or equivalent?  “kah Ravidass akaath katha bah kaae kareja, Jaisa tu tesha tu hee, kya upmaa deeja”. Thus, the sermon of Satguru Ji are invaluable. 

SGJS000016 Those who commit violence against the green world and the ecology, thoughtlessly destroy trees, forests and ultimately valleys, mountains and rivers. They cut living green trees and either burn them or sell them away for profit. They denude and deplete forests to illegally cut and sell wood for money. Such people do not realize that they are destroying the very balance of nature. With their ravaging activities, the floods are raging as forests have been destroyed. The ecological balance is being ruined. Pollution is increasing. Environment is wounded.

Human beings with false ego are like elephants, who after having cleansed in water, throw dust on themselves.

SGJS000014It is sad and shocking that violent man, the deadly hunter, kills creatures of blood and flesh whom he cannot give life. They hunt for pleasure, sport or food. There are others who just encourage and buck-up the hunters. There are still others who eat the meat of the animal hunted by someone else, They try to absolve themselves by saying they are simply meat eaters.

Let us try and walk the path that Satguru Ji has shown us and instill forgiveness and patience as virtues within ourselves…

SGJS000012 When people start meditation, one of the questions they often have is that they are unable to concentrate. This is heartening because the most difficult step of beginning to meditate has been taken, and only once a person is meditating do they think about concentration. This sense of realisation does not occur to us whilst watching a movie or when indulging in gossip or slander. It is only when we step on this path of naam simran, do we begin thinking about our shortcomings; just as someone can only be treated when they acknowledge they have an illness. Therefore, those who meditate should not lose faith even if initially they feel they are unable to concentrate. 
The grace of a Sikh is his attachment to his Satguru.  Just as a wife is not complete without her husband, similarly a Sikh is incomplete without his Guru. He should remain faithful, like a slave to his master.

 SGJS000011SEND YOUR KIDS TO JAP PARYOG ANNUALLY: Encourage your children to visit Jap Paryog at Sri Bhaini Sahib. They can come for ten days, fifteen days and take their own turns. They will find out what it exactly involves to arise in the early morning. You should guide your young ones to visit Jap Paryog where they will definitely learn something about the procedure to purify themselves after using toilet facilities. They will come to know how to do sakesh ashnan and Naam Simran. Some of you who have been to America, Canada, earn some money, you bring it over and spend it in your country. Similarly when you go to Jap Paryog, you earn the wealth of Naam Simran. You should preserve it and spend it when you need it. 


SGJS000010 Always do Naam Simran (Meditation) in the early hours of the morning. All of you should dress in Namdhari attire (clothes). You should do Naam Simran for at least one hour in the whole day & do Ardas (Prayer) to Satguru Ram Singh Ji requesting him for his Pious Darshan. His Holiness Satguru Ram Singh Ji will definitely bless us with his Darshan. No one should doubt about it. When Satguru Ji will come, he will bless us. There is no worldly pleasure or materialistic thing equivalent to Satguru Ji’s blessings.

Pay obeisance to Satguru Ji and pray that we adhere to His teachings and become His favourite disciple.

 SGJS000009It is essential for members of the sadh sangat to recite and conclude a paath of Sri Adi Granth or Sri Dasam Granth every month. All members of a household should also meditate ‘naam simran’ for an hour every day.

Those who adorn gold do not perceive the value of the ‘KARA’ given by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. For a Sikh, his ‘Sikhi Nishans‘ ordained by the tenth Guru should be worn with the highest esteem. 

 When the mind is stained and polluted by sin, it is cleansed by the name (doing Naam simran) of the Almighty.

SGJS000008 It is a human tendency to see vices of others and forget our own. However, we remember only our virtues. Satguru Ram Singh Ji has written in his Rahatnaama ” haar baakat aapni bhalaai chupaan de karni.” (Always try to hide your virtues). Further, Satguru Ji has written for forgiveness and patience, ” khemma theeraj rakhnee, khemma theeraj rakhne baalyea de Guru ang-sang hai.” (Guru Ji is always with the person who forgives and has patience).

There is nothing greater than to ask for forgiveness from Satguru Ji. Always ask for ‘bakshish’, as you don’t have to give anything in return.

 SGJS000005WHAT IS OUR REAL PURPOSE OF LIFE ? Everyone of us, including Singh Sabhia, Hindu, Muslim can get together in a railway train, in drinking bars, in gambling houses, in shopping  malls. But when it comes to getting together and doing Naam Simran, or for a noble purpose, we  divide ourselves using false excuses and argue  with each other. So we should make every effort  to achieve our real purpose in life.

Guru Angad Dev has described it as the most  important purpose: “Bhai Prapat Maanukh Dehuria,  Gobind Milan Ki Eh Teri Baria Avar Kaj Tere Kite Na Kaam Mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Kewal Naam” 

 Only when love for Satguru Ji resides within our body and soul do we experience the sweetness associated with His path…
SGJS000007Our mantra is specifically in the form of  ‘Word’. Research and studies have been conducted on this mantra in some of the western countries.  It is essential to note that this mantra should be recited and meditated upon with complete utterance of all the alphabets contained in it. Then and only then this mantra is le,- fruitful and brings about the effective results.


SGJS000006 For bad & materialistic ambitions many optimistic & pessimistic thoughts fill our hearts. On the other side, if we are asked to do anything good for religion, sangat, community or the country we give up even before making any effort. Students  study for the whole year to pass with good marks but some of them fail. We do not see failures but make extra efforts to pass with good grades by following those students who passed. We should have positive approach when asked to do something good for religion, sangat, community or the country.

 Maryada is a code of conduct given to us to help attain discipline, cleanliness, simplicity and spirituality.

SGJS000003 ‘All members of a household should also meditate ‘naam simran’ for an hour every day. When a child is born, the mature members of the family should commence an hour of ‘naam simran’ on the child’s behalf. When the child has grown up he/she should be made aware that ‘naam simran’ has been deposited for him/her since birth and from now the child should do it by his own self.’ 

SGJS000044‘Gurbani has been scribed for our avail. Satsang is a primary part of our lives. We must procure some time from our daily work schedule for meditation: sit with pious people who enhance us spiritually: read those books which relate our purpose on this earth and our eventual destination.’


SGJS000004We hear a lot about donating, however in Satguru Ji’s (Satguru Pratap Singh Ji) updesh, we learn that simply giving money to a family or friend is not considered to be true ‘dhaan’. What you give in the house of Satguru and to the needy is considered ‘dhaan’.


We can only find the wisdom of what is righteous by associating with righteous people in the form of saadh sangat. Just like the hard work a labourer carries out in a day, similarly, we should remember to complete our naam simran, forsake falsehood, adopt truthfulness and obey the hukam of Satguru ji. Developing such attributes will most certainly assist us when our time comes to an end. All other material things we accumulate will be left behind.
Only those who remember God will be saved, the rest will be burnt away in the maya of this world. When we do our daily hour of naam simran, God will surely take care of us in all respects. The importance of receiving naam from your Guru is written in Gurbani.
ਗੁਰ ਮੰਤ੍ਰ ਹੀਣਸ੍ਯ੍ਯ ਜੋ ਪ੍ਰਾਣੀ ਧ੍ਰਿਗੰਤ ਜਨਮ ਭ੍ਰਸਟਣਹ ॥
Gur Manthr Heenasy Jo Praanee Dhhriganth Janam Bhrasattaneh ||